Make-up artist claims common concealer mistake is making our faces look bigger

The make-up game has really changed over the last few years. Gone are the days of slathering from Dream Matte Mousse on your face and a coating of concealer on your lips.

These days make-up experts can completely contour and change the shape of their face – but it turns out the rest of us could be making a huge mistake.

TikTok user Megan Lavallie, who posts from the handle @meganlavallie, regularly shares videos detailing brilliant hints and tricks for seamlessly applying your products.

In her most recent clip, Megan explained that, while doing her own make-up, it dawned on her that some of her followers might be contouring their jaw incorrectly.

“If you put [your contour] on top of your jaw like this it’s going to minimise it,” she explained, before adding: “But if you want a more pronounced looking jaw, you’re going to go underneath instead.

Megan said you can even put a little dot underneath your earlobe to create a sharp angle.

So, it all depends on your face shape and what you’re actually hoping to achieve with your make-up application, but if minimising your jaw is your goal be warned, having a less defined jaw line runs the risk of making your face look bigger.

Meanwhile, if you want your face to look more chiselled and defined, you need to highlight the jaw, which means going underneath with the contour as explained by Megan.

Elsewhere on Megan’s page, she explains how to contour your face depending on its shape, whether you have a round, square oval or heart-shaped face.