‘I uninvited a bridesmaid because she refused to wear the dress I picked’

A woman said she had to uninvite one of her bridesmaids from her wedding when she refused to wear the dress that had been picked – saying she wanted to wear black instead.

Sharing her story anonymously, the woman said that she had chosen royal blue dresses for her bridesmaids and they were all due to wear the same thing.

But one bridesmaid, who was a co-worker of the woman, lost a relative in the run-up to the wedding and in her culture, it is normal to wear black while in mourning.

The bride refused and said that if the woman wanted to be a bridesmaid she had to wear blue, but she also refused and was soon uninvited from the wedding.

Taking to Reddit, the woman said: “I asked her if the royal blue dress can be an exception since it’s not necessarily a bright colour. She said it will be an issue and she doesn’t want to disrespect her culture and traditions.

“She asked if she can return the dress and get the same one in black instead. I said I’m not comfortable with it because she’d look out of place.

“She agreed and asked if she could skip on being a bridesmaid then. I asked her if she’d still wear black and she said culturally she has to honour that.

“I said that I’m not that comfortable with the idea of her coming to my wedding during her mourning period so it’s best if I uninvite her altogether so she can mourn in peace.

“She said I don’t have to uninvite her but simply let her wear black. I insisted it’s for the best for both of us.”

After the story was shared online, most Reddit users said that the woman was in the wrong for being so stern with her friend.

One said: “Your intentions aren’t good at all, stop lying to yourself. You’re just shallow. I guess I can kind of understand not wanting a bridesmaid to wear black, but a guest, when you know the reasons? This is self-centred and gross.”

While a second added: “Wow she’s mourning and you want to do that to her? I swear people lose their goddamn minds when it comes to weddings.”