Chinese Rover Spots Weird, Large ‘Cube’ on the Moon

A lunar rover has spotted a strange cube-shaped object and will alter its official course to check it out, needing 2-3 months to arrive.

Official observations suggest it could be rock thrust upward from the impact of an asteroid that clearly landed next to it, or a technological relic from previous human exploration, or hopefully, perhaps something that can’t be explained.

The infrequency with which we visit outer space, the extreme requirements of such travel, and the inspiration that are required to do so, make everything about it more intense.

The joys are more joyous, the achievements are more celebrated, and the mysteries are more intriguing.

The Chinese Yutu 2 lunar rover spotted a bizarre shape in its cameras while traversing a C-shape enclosure made up of ferocious impact craters on the moon’s far side.

“Under the dark and deep sky, a circle of winding mountains stood on the extension line of the sky and the moon. On the side, people can’t help but admire the extraordinary craftsmanship of the universe,” wrote Our Space, a Chinese-language blog affiliated with the national space agency.

“The drivers zoomed in on the pictures, slowly admiring them one by one. Suddenly, an obtrusive cube on the northern skyline attracted their attention. This object pierced through the winding of the skyline, like a “mysterious hut.”

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Right angles are unusual in nature, usually marking out something artificial if we see them through the gloaming of a forest. On the moon however, there’s not a lot of room for possibilities for a cube.

After some days, the camera produced an image to share with the world of their “mystery hut.” The blog post suggested it could be evidence of previous Moon missions, but noted the presence of a small impact crater next to the cube, which could have led to the upthrusting of rocks following the impact.

Popular Science magazine said it could simply be pixilation of the image, as it was taken from far away.

Yutu 2 landed with Chang’e-4, the first two spacecraft ever to land on the Moon’s far side. They’ve virtually had the place to themselves since they arrived in 2019.

They spotted the cube at the end of October, which means we should be getting some closer images and more details soon as the solar-powered rover draws nearer.