Woman ‘almost cried’ after tattoo artist drew her first inking upside down

A woman said she laughed so much she ‘almost cried’ when she went for her first tattoo and the artist drew it upside down – and when they tried to cover it up it looked even worse.

TikTok star Samantha, @samanthasays, decided to get a tattoo of a semicolon on her neck, and after she approved the stencil the artist got to work.

As it was behind her ear, it was hard for Samantha to take a look – but approved the new inking after seeing it in a mirror, and went on her way.

It was only later that she realised the semicolon had been drawn upside down, and when she returned for the tattoo to be corrected the new artist covered it up – making the semicolon much larger than she had planned.

Sharing her dilemma on TikTok, Samantha wrote: “So I had posted about how I got a semi-colon tattoo this weekend because I’m a sad b***h and the tattoo artist did it backwards.

“I okayed the correct stencil so not sure what happened. I laughed so hard I almost cried.

“The owner of the shop called and said that he would fix it for me so I went back in and he’s like ‘ok we only have to make it slightly bigger.

“On my f***ing neck, it honestly looked better before he fixed it, it looked better the wrong way.”

Samantha said she paid £75 ($100) for the tattoo, which included a tip for the artist – which she should probably get back.

She said: “The artist who did it backwards was absolutely lovely. She felt so bad. No hate or worries. things happen. it’s a funny story now!”

After sharing her story online, Samantha was inundated with comments from people offering advice.

One said: “Honestly I would have kept it as an ironic sign from the universe. As you said, a failed attempt, and a failed tattoo. It’s just perfect.”

While a second added: “I’ve had this happen to me as well. It was a Treble Clef, I didn’t notice because I ok’d the stencil by looking at it through a mirror.”

And a third wrote: “Now when you look in the mirror it’ll be right side facing just for you!”