‘I gave birth to a surprise baby at 15 and still got As in my GCSEs weeks later’

A teen who had a cryptic pregnancy when she was just 15 has revealed how she smashed her GCSEs, getting all As and Bs just weeks later.

Mum-of-one Alexis Queen ( @alexisqueen.x ) had just gone back to school for her final year when she began experiencing intense pain and knew something wasn’t right.

Throughout the summer she’d been suffering from terrible heartburn; a symptom she knew her mum experienced while pregnant, but when she took a test, it came back negative.

One night after going back to school, Alexis woke up in agonising pain, but the following morning, her parent thought she was faking it to get a day off school and forced her to go and get ready for the day ahead.

“Going to the toilet before I set off to school and having the urge to push, me screaming [for] my mum and telling her I think I’m giving birth,” she explained in a TikTok video which went viral earlier this year.

“My mum shouting me to come downstairs then looking up my skirt to check and going into shock when she sees a head, my dad running out the door for pregnancy test.”

Alexis ended up giving birth to her baby boy on her living room floor, having had absolutely no knowledge or hint that she’d been even been pregnant.

But, despite going through what must have been an incredibly challenging time as a new mum, Alexis has revealed how she didn’t let it stop her from making sure she got her education.

In a recent clip, the teen said: “I went back to school seven weeks after giving birth. To sit my GCSEs, and passed all nine with As and Bs.”

No one can say that isn’t impressive. What an amazing woman.