Mortician shares what it’s like to embalm a friend and insists ‘I’m not weak for crying’

A funeral director has revealed what it feels like to embalm a friend.

Eileen Hollis, who assists her father, Charlie Hollis, in running the family’s Hollis Funeral Home has built up an incredible 773.6K followers on TikTok thanks to her informational and intriguing videos, that give followers a rare insight into the industry.

Working her way through questions from followers as well as sharing as much information as she can, Eileen addressed the most recent topic on the account – just how it feels to embalm a family friend.

This is something that many of us don’t necessarily think about, whether funeral directors look after their own loved ones when they pass away.

But the answer is yes – funeral directors in fact can, and do, look after friends who have passed away.

In one recent TikTok video, Eileen can be seen just before she begins getting ready for the procedure.

She starts by telling the audience that she’s preparing to embalm a friend, before she gets visibly emotional and sheds a few tears.

She begins: “It’s 6:30pm and I’m gonna go embalm a friend.

“She’s very old and very cute and I’m just going to be really sad to see them, so I’m getting my cry out now.”

The TikTok video then cuts to Eileen a little later, ready in her uniform, as she continues: “I just want you to know that crying over somebody in my prep room does not make me weak, it doesn’t make me any less capable.

“I came here to do what I’m gonna do and I’m gonna do it and it’s gonna be an emotional journey.”

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The same day, Eileen posted another TikTok video, whilst sat in her car and reflecting on some news she just received of another family friend’s death.

She says: “I just got done with a funeral service and while we were in procession, Dad got another death call, unfortunately it’s for another old timer friend who we absolutely adore.

“She would walk by the funeral home everyday. We would always run out to give her a hug.

“She would always say ‘when I die, you’ll take care of me’, so that is what I am going to do.

“She’s literally the queen of my heart. She is so precious.”

These are the type of subject areas that have projected Eileen to TikTok fame, she discusses her career, yet isn’t afraid to show her emotions, reminding the audience that behind every funeral director is a real human being.